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What are Commerce API’s?

API Commerce provides APIs help integrate several platforms with one another. For example, you can integrate your E-commerce website with a shipping provider’s account and import your data for orders and shipments. This way, you can streamline your shipping operations on one platform.

APIs connect different software components and enable them to interact with each other by receiving requests and sending responses. Though the two platforms are developed in different software , still  the APIs connect with each other and work with each other seamlessly.

APIs enhance the security of software systems by letting users request data from your systems. The API protects your E-commerce data with security measures such as encryption.


APIs enable you to connect to any new system without making any changes in the original system, program, or hardware.

Commerce APIs (application programming interfaces) are methods of communication among applications inside and outside a commerce platform.
This is great for eCommerce websites to handle the complexity involved with supporting a huge about of logic that has to be accessed.
Commerce APIs consist of, shopping carts, checkout, payments, and orders to name a few. Outside of these core functionalities, there are multiple other services that you can call upon.
APIs modular architecture allows flexibility for customization of content. Innovations are easily adopted giving the business the ability to tailor customer engagements.

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