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What is Best-of-breed Commerce?

Best of Breed Commerce offers a greater return on investment than alternatives like an all in one suite solution. With the latter, you often end up paying for services you don’t want, that aren’t customizable to your individual needs, and offer limited functionality.

As each tool is offered by an individual expert provider, updates come regular and in small sizes. As each technology is regularly updated with small batches, it is easy to stay ahead of the curve and quickly respond to newer trends.

While regular updates for every technology reduces the overall security risk, if a problem shows up somewhere in the stack, it will not affect other parts of the system. Isolated issues have much lower risks and are easier to control.

Optimized costs based on utilization, thanks to the flexibility in building your own stack. The user will only pay for the tools that they need and for as long as they need them. If at one point one of the tools becomes obsolete, it can be immediately removed from the stack, avoiding extra costs.

Best-of-breed commerce solutions provide the best system in a referenced niche or category, performing specialized functions.  By specializing in one area, using faster and newer technology, micro services can be delivered with extensive capability. 

Businesses can choose a best-of-breed solution that is currently the most relevant and later change to another depending on market and customer needs.

As an example, an order entry software is taken from one supplier, interfaced with a warehouse management application from another, and shipping software from a third, etc.



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