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The ability to curate your commerce experience using best-in-breed microservices, with access to the tools you want and need—nothing more, nothing less—is a compelling argument for modern, highly complex retail brands.

For brands with complex operations or nonstandard needs, the modularity of Composable Commerce can decrease development time, speeding up time-to-value. These MACH architected digital commerce platforms focus on composable architecture by offering the ability for business leaders to take a more modular, best-of-breed approach.

Gartner predicts that “By 2023, organizations that have adopted a Composable Commerce approach will outpace the competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation.”

After working with hundreds of Digital Commerce clients across the globe we developed Universal Commerce to address the market demand for a powerful, scalable, futureproof and cost-effective Composable Commerce solution.

Universal Commerce addresses all the key business and technical issues with legacy monolithic platforms:

Digital Commerce

“Universal Commerce is the solution that will upend the marketplace.”

To orchestrate and unify customer journeys across a wide range of touchpoints, organizations want control over the presentation layer to make it the integration point for packaged business capabilities, instead of the commerce platform. The illustration below shows a simplified example of how a set of applications can support integrated customer journeys.

UNIVERSAL COMMERCE meets ALL the needs of businesses investing in Composable Commerce.

True headless, microservices architecture that allows businesses to focus on the Customer Experience, driving brand loyalty and customer lifetime value

Pre-integrated software packagesaccelerate time to value and allow for simplified migration from one package to another

- ANY commerce software
- ANY experience Platform
- ANY add-on packaged software
- ANY cloud

Digital Commerce

Why are B2B companies choosing Composable Commerce? 

No single vendor offers all the packaged business capabilities to deliver an end-to-end for digital commerce. Composable commerce allows businesses to pick the best of breed and in class packaged software available as MACH platforms to provide an end-to-end commerce solution. Of course, composing with MACH platforms can be challenging for companies who don’t have technical and engineering talent to achieve the desired results and realize the benefits of Composable Commerce.

Universal Commerce provides the framework and platform to rapidly compose commerce solutions with best of breed MACH platforms using a visual orchestrator. Our pre-composed commerce solutions for industry use cases and business models namely Universal Commerce Suite (UCS) have been designed to accelerate the composition of your composable commerce solution by 60% with reduced effort and complexity resulting in a cumulative reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 80% in 5 years.

The flexibility of composable commerce allows businesses to use and develop only the features and functionality necessary to run their business. These applications are often leaner, faster, and more flexible.

With customer demands continuously evolving and the need for digital transformation more important and necessary than ever, composable commerce gives businesses greater control over how an e-commerce application is delivered. The decoupled approach makes it easy to manage e-commerce experiences across channels while setting yourself up for success with a future-proof application.


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