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The goal of frictionless commerce, also known as contextual commerce, is for any customer to buy a product or service when and where they wish with as few clicks or other steps as possible.

The theory of frictionless commerce reasons that consumers who do not need to take extra time to think about what they are buying or how they are buying it may be more willing to make a purchase while using an e-commerce website. For example, registration or sign-in to a retail site that requires too many steps creates unwanted friction, potentially causing the buyer to abandon his or her online shopping cart.

The increased adoption of location-based, social and smartphone technologies, mobile payments and reduced technology costs are helping to make frictionless commerce a reality.

Digital Commerce
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Immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) also hold potential for future contextual commerce applications. Businesses can use VR headsets to give customers a virtual tour of their online store to help customers road-test products. These new technologies aim to make online shopping as frictionless as possible for both impulsive and careful customers.

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B2B Organizations can drive Streamlined, Frictionless Commerce Experiences using Universal Commerce

Currently, many B2B organizations rely on legacy and monolithic commerce systems that fail to meet customer expectations and deliver the customer experiences for a rich and immersive engagement across the digital channels. As a result, businesses have missed out on revenue and seventy percent of businesses say they have lost a business deal because of pain points in registering and placing an order on their e-commerce websites.

Digital Commerce

Frictionless Commerce

Universal Commerce Platform and Universal Commerce Suite (UCS) provide the ability to seamlessly integrate your customer across the digital engagement channels that you provide (web, mobile, social, kiosk, etc.) with the best of breed MACH software with packaged business capabilities across the buying journey which spans registration, personalization, browsing of catalog, product recommendation, personalized offers based on geo-location, cart, checkout, payments, shipping, order management and fulfilment, returns & refunds management, loyalty and rewards management to deliver a Frictionless Commerce experience.

The digital shift is revolutionizing the B2B commerce industry, so B2B businesses must reevaluate how they interact with customers and execute sales strategies. There is a clear rift within the industry when it comes to the expectations of B2B buyers and opportunities provided by enterprises.


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