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What isHeadless Commerce?How will it help organizations improve customer engagement?

In its simplest form, headless commerce is a separation of the front end or user experiEBD ence layer  and back end ecommerce application functionality made available as APIs. This architecture offers brands and ecommerce application builders greater freedom to innovate and build brand specific user journeys and digital experiences. Most importantly,headless commerce enables brands to build enriched customer experiences. Benefits: All these days in the  conventional e-commerce approach, users, developers, and marketers may use only a limited number of themes. It makes the user experience mundane with lack of personalization.  With headless commerce one of the key advantages is that the APIs can be leveraged across web, mobile, kiosk, POS, Marketplace and other channels so that the customer experience across all the touch points can be streamlined. Your tech team or even non-tech staff can apply necessary changes – new features, functionality, or integrations – to your website much faster. For example, when required, your team can create a new field for the product page. Any changes are easy to execute and add, no more cumbersome procedures and  several layers of coding is needed to update e-commerce themes directly. The Headless Commerce approach is entirely customizable, which makes it perfect for the ecom businesses that are going to scale up. You can plan an important marketing campaign or introduction of a new product line without tech pains — putting energy and efforts into coding, optimization, and adaptation to various digital channels. Site loading speed is crucial for better optimization of your website in search engines. That is one of the headless commerce benefits also that  is the possibility to fix store performance issues that cannot be solved that easily with a standard and other  solutions that are available in the market.

Headless commerce is an eCommerce architecture where the front end can be edited independently without interfering with the back end.Power any front end via API’s which allows you to change customer-facing experiences without disrupting backend functionality. Traditional eCommerce platforms are limited in design and functionality where change and flexibility are a big challenge.

How Headless Commerce helps you transform customer engagement-

Constantly improve user experience by changing customer-facing presentation without disrupting backend functionality.

Quick modification
With no code intertwined with the backend database that stores content, the front end can be easily modified.

Improve user experience
Frontend developers can constantly adapt endpoint layouts to improve customer experience with no disruptions.

Create customized front end designs and layouts for different endpoints experiences

Control customer touchpoints
Headless commerce allows you control across different front ends and enables customers to complete a purchase at any touchpoint.

Reduce risk
Create new user experiences without risking old ones. With the front end independent of the backend functionality there is no risk of disruption.

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