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Enterprises today have recognized the need to let their customers ‘buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere’. Being available to customers irrespective of channel is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a customer expectation.

That’s why the Universal Commerce Suite Gold level is perfect for such organizations. It provides rich omni-channel capability for brands wanting to offer complex fulfilment and return options to their customers irrespective of the channel they engage through.

The UCS Gold pre-composed solution includes an order management system which has the requisite workflows and process modeling capabilities to handle any complex fulfillment requirement. This is in addition to all the components of the UCS Silver (storefront, eCommerce, CMS, search, and payments).

Companies seeking to leverage a multichannel approach with consistent CX will find that the UCS Gold is just what they need.

The Gold level can also be integrated to additional systems for:

Product Information Management
Fraud Management,
Address Validation, etc.


Our Plans

The Universal Commerce Suite (UCS) pre-composed solutions accelerate time to value for clients, wherever they may be in their digital commerce journey


CORE Commerce

For B2C, B2B & D2C

Primary solution components.

  • React store template
  • UC framework
  • eCommerce Platform
  • CMS
  • Search
  • Payment Integration
  • Mobile Commerce

Optional components.

  • Shipping
  • Taxation
  • Cross-border

OMNI channel

For Business using Multi channels

Primary solution components.

  • All from CORE Commerce
  • OMS
  • PIM

Optional components.

  • All from CORE Commerce
  • Fraud Management
  • Address Validation

Online Marketplace

For companies selling through multiple vendors

Primary solution components.

  • All from OMNI channel
  • Market Place Platform

Optional components.

  • All from OMNI channel
  • Marketplace Aggregator Integration
Digital Commerce

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