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Universal Commerce was developed for a simple purpose: “convenience”. It was built from our understanding of our clients’ needs for speed to market and innovation at reduced costs.

Our Composable commerce platform seamlessly integrates with Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless (MACH) architecture. We deploy the best-of-breed MACH components to create a unique enterprise commerce ecosystem tailored to your precise business requirements, delivering a comprehensive and personalized solution.

We disrupt the traditional “this is how we’ve always done it” thinking!

Gain a “Head Start”
Don’t wait to build from scratch. We offer fully featured pre-composed commerce solutions that can be integrated into your existing ecosystem.

Go API first & Microservices
Support a diverse range of customer use cases. Harness services that undergo continuous updates and effortlessly extend to meet specific requirements.

Get Decoupling Components
Your needs evolve so why be tied to one set of systems? Get business components that best suit your needs at any point in time.

Modern MACH (Microservices, API, Cloud, Headless) architecture provides distinct capabilities that are flexible and ensure the future-proofing of your digital commerce strategy.


Components of the Universal Commerce Platform

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Packaged Business Components

Enhance customer experience using specific pre-built components optimized for scalability and efficiency, leading to tangible business benefits at a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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Application API’s

Bring together best-of-breed eCommerce ecosystem components such as storefront, CMS, Search, PIM, OMS, and Payments through API’s in a truly decoupled architecture

Universal Composer

Enhanced flexibility for developers with a plug-and-play low-code ‘Universal Composer’

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Universal Dashboard

Comprehensive management capabilities with Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) and DevOps automation

We provide Managed Cloud Services to ensure efficient management of instances, operations, and app connectors to meet your specific needs.

Digital Commerce

Our comprehensive range of innovative Packaged Business Capabilities seamlessly integrate with your Universal Commerce Platform. The capabilities we offer encompass various functions including Search, Content Management Systems (CMS), Point of Sale (POS), Product Information Management (PIM), Order Management Systems (OMS), Payments, Shipping, and more..


Packaged Business Capabilities


Pre-Composed Commerce Solutions.

The Universal Commerce Suite is a set of pre-integrated, extensible, and flexible business solutions designed to support a wide range of business models.

Here are our solution levels for specific business requirements-

  • UCS Silver: Supports Core Commerce functionality for B2C, B2B, and D2C companies planning to improve their ecommerce strategy and explore new channels.
  • UCS Gold: Provides rich omni-channel capability for brands wanting to offer complex fulfillment options. The best option for enterprises.
  • UCS Platinum: Incorporates seller management, onboarding, and multi-seller catalog capabilities for the development of online marketplaces.
Why us?

Why Universal Commerce

Universal Commerce makes it convenient for businesses to expand their digital channels

Digital Commerce
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Time to Value

Unify disparate eCommerce ecosystem applications into a well-orchestrated solution that delivers compelling ROI in a fraction of the time

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Flexible templates

React storefront and React Native mobile app templates that can be adapted to unique UI/UX business requirements

Innovation Ready

Validate and roll out new capabilities enterprise-wide in weeks (partnership with Iterate) without breaking the bank

Get in touch with us to discover how we can optimize your Commerce operations for your specific objectives and deliver excellent results.


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