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Universal Commerce partners with CommerceTools GmbH as an Independent Software Vendor

Munich-headquartered commercetools GmbH is a digital commerce solutions company which offers a cloud-native, headless commerce platform that separates frontend and backend functionality. Its API approach helps retailers design unique and engaging digital commerce experiences across all touchpoints. Universal Commerce is a composable commerce platform company based in Austin, Texas and has teamed up with commercetools as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

Speaking on the occasion, Christopher C. Holley, Global Director, ISV Partnership, commercetools said, “The new commercetools ISV program builds upon our roots as the originators of composable commerce and incorporates the incredibly diverse offerings that our ISV partner ecosystem provides to clients. We are very glad to partner with Universal Commerce. Universal Commerce allows MACH platforms and packaged business components to be seamlessly integrated using the Universal API. The offering fills a need in the marketplace to modernize commerce implementations using a ‘best of breed’ approach.”

Universal Commerce Inc was born out of an understanding of the fundamental challenges faced by brands embarking on their composable commerce journey. The Universal Commerce Suite (UCS) offers Pre-Composed Solutions to accelerate Time to Market and reduce Cost, Complexity and Risk. Composable Commerce is being adopted by clients around the world, many have found that this demands a greater level of technical maturity and knowledge in constructing a best-of-breed architecture.

Manohar Durai, Founder & CEO of Universal Commerce expressed that he is delighted to partner with commercetools and said, “We are giving enterprises the power to control their digital destiny. The low-code, API-first, microservices-based approach adopted by Universal Commerce delivers a truly decoupled architecture which is future-proof, flexible and maintainable. Our partnership will help us to broaden our offerings to the clients with world class features offered by commercetools”.

When it comes to driving enhanced experiences for customers and employees, headless e-commerce is a popular choice among e-commerce businesses. It offers a great level of flexibility by allowing the separation of the back end from the front end. Additionally, it can be rapidly integrated and is easily scalable thanks to a set of modular services and APIs. Post covid, India is a booming market for e-commerce with many brick and mortar companies transitioning to digital businesses. Universal Commerce is a platform company promoted by Cnetric Global Inc a digital solutions company which has been driving digital commerce transformation for Fortune 500 companies around the globe for two decades as a global Systems Integrator. Universal Commerce Inc is thereby well placed to leverage the growth opportunities across geographies and industry segments in partnership with commercetools.

About CommerceTools:

commercetools is the world’s leading digital commere platform that allows you to create powerful, highly customized commerce experiences while building a profitable, sustainable brand. commercetools is a cloud-based headless commerce platform that provides APIs to power e-commerce sales and similar functions for large businesses.[2] The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany with additional offices across the globe.

About Universal Commerce Inc:

Universal Commerce is a software company based in Austin, TX, USA promoted by Cnetric Global Inc. Universal Commerce offers a Composable Commerce platform that eliminates the complexity of composing enterprise commerce applications with MACH platforms and technologies and to empower businesses to take control of their digital commerce platform strategy and evolution.
Website: https://universalcommerce.com/
Enquiry: sales@universalcommerce.com

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