Universal Commerce

True Headless Composable Unified Frictionless Commerce

is now here.

Universal Commerce brings together best-of-breed MACH & API platforms in a composable commerce platform for unified digital commerce.

Value Proposition

Universal Commerce

Universal Commerce is designed to help eCommerce teams assemble

best-of-breed commerce

ecosystems tailored to their business requirements.
Digital Commerce

Pre-Composed Commerce Solutions

Accelerate digital commerce implementations with Universal Commerce Suite pre-composed and pre-integrated with best-of-breed MACH platforms with packaged business capabilities across Storefront, Search, CMS, PIM, Catalog, Shopping Cart, Promotions, Checkout, Payments, Shipping, OMS and more.

Best of Breed Commerce

Packaged Business Components

Embrace innovation by incorporating capabilities spanning Personalization, Product Recommendation, Coupons, Wallet, Dynamic Pricing, AI Chatbots, Dealer and Seller Dashboards, Curbside Pickup, AI chatbots, dealer fulfillment, Curbside pickup, native mobile applications and more.


How we Do it?

Universal Commerce brings together the best-in-class

MACH and API platform

capabilities in the Commerce ecosystem to enable businesses to compose, build and operate high performance cloud-native digital commerce applications that scale


Universal Commerce gives you access to pre-composed and pre-built integrations that support B2C, DTC, B2B and Marketplace operations.


Commerce solutions developed on Universal Commerce are enabled by a scalable low-code MACH composition, integration and automation platform.

Digital Commerce


Universal Commerce allows

MACH platforms

and packaged business components to be seamlessly integrated using the Universal API for catalog, customer, product, pricing and inventory, order and other data.
Digital Commerce

Our Plans

The Universal Commerce Suite (UCS) pre-composed solutions accelerate time to value for clients, wherever they may be in their digital commerce journey


CORE Commerce

For B2C, B2B & D2C

Primary solution components.

  • React store template
  • UC framework
  • eCommerce Platform
  • CMS
  • Search
  • Payment Integration
  • Mobile Commerce

Optional components.

  • Shipping
  • Taxation
  • Cross-border

OMNI channel

For Business using Multi channels

Primary solution components.

  • All from CORE Commerce
  • OMS
  • PIM

Optional components.

  • All from CORE Commerce
  • Fraud Management
  • Address Validation

Online Marketplace

For companies selling through multiple vendors

Primary solution components.

  • All from OMNI channel
  • Market Place Platform

Optional components.

  • All from OMNI channel
  • Marketplace Aggregator Integration
Digital Commerce


UC combines industry-leading components into a best-of-breed Digital Commerce strategy

API Commerce
Cloud Commerce
Headless Commerce
Composable Commerce
Composable Commerce
Composable Commerce
Headless Commerce
Digital Commerce

What people say about us?

Here’s what our customers say.

Best of Breed Commerce

“The accelerated time to market enabled by Universal Commerce, leveraging a low code approach to composing commerce solutions at speed and scale is impressive”

Lalit Yagnik

MD, UnifyCloud Asia,
ex IBM Technology Director

Cloud Commerce

“We selected Universal Commerce for its ability to future proof our e-commerce strategy. We could start quickly with a UCS pre-composed solution and add best of breed ecosystem applications to innovate and scale the platform.”

Godwin Bernard

CEO, Healthuno Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Composable Commerce

“The UCS Direct to Consumer solution meets all of our requirements for a scalable best of breed e-commerce system that avoids channel conflict while building a strong relationship with our customers.”

Prabhakar John

MD - India, Global Industrial and Automotive parts manufacturer