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Digital commerce enables and helps customers to purchase goods and services through an interactive and self-service web or mobile experience. The digital commerce landscape of today is evolving at a rapid rate, and with these changes comes also comes a huge change in consumer behavior…

In its simplest form, headless commerce is a separation of the front end or user experience layer  and back end ecommerce application functionality made available as APIs…

Composable commerce is the evolution of headless commerce and offers the ability to compose or build the commerce solution using “best-of-breed commerce ecosystem components” to offer differentiated capabilities.

MACH architecture can be called the  heart of the technology principles working behind the new, best-of-breed technology platforms.

API platforms provide APIs to expose packaged business capabilities & services to allow applications to integrate & provide additional business functions & digital experiences leveraging the application programming interfaces,

Cloud allows multi tenancy, infinite scalability, security, high availability & geographic distribution of commerce application to empower brands to create immersive and unified buying experiences across all channels – Mobile, Social, Web & Store. 

A Composition Platform is an integration and application platform that additionally allows the composition

Integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a set of automated tools that integrate software applications that are deployed in different environments.

Migrating from Monolithic to composable commerce provides several benefits to brands such as ability to create new digital commerce business models, more immersive customer experiences, ability to innovate faster and as Gartner says  “Composable commerce will will help outperform competition by 80% with the ability to launch new features at scale”.

Best of Breed Commerce offers a greater return on investment than alternatives like an all in one suite solution. With the latter, you often end up paying for services you don’t want, that aren’t customizable to your individual needs, and offer limited functionality.

No, Composable commerce can be integrated alongside your current platform, allowing for a gradual transition. You can enhance your existing platform’s capabilities by incorporating modular components and services, enabling a seamless evolution towards a more flexible and scalable e-commerce infrastructure without the need for a complete replacement.

Composable commerce eliminates vendor lock-in by allowing businesses to choose and integrate best-in-class components from different vendors, providing long-term flexibility and easy replacement or upgrade options.

Yes, composable commerce is highly scalable, allowing seamless integration of additional functionalities, services, or channels as your business expands, making it future-proof.

While initial setup may require technical expertise, composable commerce offers long-term simplicity. It allows businesses to manage and maintain individual components independently, reducing complexity and enabling faster deployment of updates or new features.

Composable commerce enables highly tailored and personalized customer experiences by integrating best-of-breed solutions for functionalities like personalization, order management, and customer data management, ensuring a seamless customer journey across multiple touchpoints.

Choose Universal Commerce for a seamless transition to composable commerce. Our expert team can help you swiftly set up your tailored solution at a competitive cost, empowering your business to reach new heights. Take the next step and unlock the full potential of your e-commerce venture.

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